Health Literacy

Dr Geoff Shannon

This is a series of  3 stand alone sessions. You may wish to come to one or all depending on your interests. The aim is to increase your understanding of your health and how to make the best use of medical services. The aim is to increase your knowledge so that you can interact with health services in a more efficient manner.

Talk 1.  (August)

Where are we at? Update on Coronavirus 19. Discussion where to from here from a medical standpoint. Basically, a question and answer session to help people distinguish fact from fiction.

Talk 2. (September)

SUGAR. What is it? Understanding the different terms, sugar, glucose, sucrose, carbohydrate etc. and how to read food labels. What we should eat in the way of sugar. I will touch on diabetes but that is not the subject of diabetes. (Next year?)

Talk 3. (October)

SALT. What is salt from a medical perspective? This is likely to be the next public health challenge (if we can get over Covid).

Talk 4? (November)

A fun end of year Medical Quiz, a fun way to learn some medical facts. Such as where is your liver?