Starting a Worm Farm – Fun with Worms

Marlene Chesney

Instead of throwing away your fruit and vegetable scraps, why not convert them into a constant supply of rich organic fertiliser.

Learn how to choose and set up a commercial or homemade worm farm/bin for yourself (or with a neighbour or 2). Topics covered will include the following: types of worms, worm food and harvesting worms and their castings.

Worms are great pets and can be left for several weeks without supervision! If you go fresh water fishing the worms can be used for bait.

To the first session please bring along a plastic bag of all your fruit and vegetable scraps (NOT INCLUDING citrus or onion) collected in one week.

Bring garden gloves, paper and pen.


3  2hour sessions ..Note that the 3rd session is a month after the 2nd. This gives you time to set up your worm farm (if you decide to) and bring along any questions.

$2 charge per session to cover venue costs