Health Literacy

Dr Geoff Shannon

The aim of these talks is to improve your basic knowledge of human biology in health and disease. This will allow you to interact with health professionals in a more positive manner.

In modern terminology you will be “empowered”. The aim is for better health and less stress.

Each talk is stand alone so you can come to as many as you like, and not feel that you have missed one then you will not be able gain from another down the track.

There will be about one a month, unfortunately I may be unable to make them absolutely regular so watch for change of dates.

First topic, “Immunisation, recent changes in flu vaccination and other immunisations for adults”.

Second topic. “Salt, what is it, how to understand what is written on the bottle.” This is probably the next big education issue.”

Third topic. “Sugar – what is it ? Sugar- simple carbohydrate- complex carbohydrate. What does it all mean.”

$2 charge per session to cover venue costs