Friday Flicks

Margaret Payton

In our modern world and for a great majority of people in almost all countries, films and movies have come to occupy a central place in our existence. They are a powerful vehicle for leisure and escape from the real world and for pure entertainment and enjoyment. But they are so much more. They are an important means of cultural expression and revelation and can encourage ideas, conversations and social commentary within communities. They can inspire us. They can tell difficult stories. They can provide a safe environment in which to experience roles and emotions we might not otherwise be free to experience.  Films play an important educative role too. They can teach us about situations, events and people unknown to us and give us a way to explore the past, the present and the future.

Like all forms of art, they expand our horizons and have the ability to create meaningful social connections through a shared experience.

U3A’s Friday Flicks provides an opportunity to watch, share and evaluate some well rated films from a variety of genres – 

Classic and contemporary, English and foreign language.

Drama, romance, comedy, action, suspense, biographical, historical and non-fiction.  We have access to a wide range of movies – it’s all about quality and diversity.

By putting your name down for this class, it simply means that you will get an email at the beginning of each week advising what film is to be shown on the Friday. Please note – there’s absolutely no obligation to attend every film. Just come, if and when you can.

Tea and coffee are available.

$2 charge per session to cover venue costs.