Sacred Pilgrimages of the World

Sandra Rowden-Rich

A ten week course of 2 hours each session, 10:00am-12:00 noon Mondays.

Participants will explore the journey of the heart to places of Pilgrimage in the world.

What is a Pilgrimage? How is it different to a tourist’s or an explorer’s journey?

Participants in this course will:

  • Identify current places in the world that are sacred sites visited by pilgrims in this day and age
  • Identify the people who go there as pilgrims
  • Research the significant events and figures that are associated with that site
  • Note any ritual behaviours associated with the pilgrimage to each sacred site
  • Research and compare pilgrimages that are connected  with a religion, and those that do not appear to connected with a formal religion
  • Read from the sacred texts of the various religions that attract the heart and soul of the pilgrim
  • Articulate the feelings of the heart that draw the pilgrim away from the familiarity and comfort of home to undertake the often arduous journey of pilgrimage.
  • Acquire some knowledge of the major religions in existence today that inspire the followers to undertake the pilgrimage journey.

WEEK ONE: Compare a journey of Pilgrimage to a journey of exploration or entertainment and pleasure;    the non-religious pilgrimage; some of the indigenous beliefs and some sacred sites

WEEK TWO: Sacred sites in India and Tibet connected with Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, and Baul beliefs

WEEK THREE: The Abrahamic influence

WEEK FOUR: The Mosaic influence

WEEK FIVE: The Zoroastrian influence

WEEK SIX: The Christian influence

WEEK SEVEN: The Moslem influence

WEEK EIGHT: The Bábi influence

WEEK NINE: The Bahá’i influence

The tutor is Sandra Rowden-Rich B.Ed, Grad cert TESOL, Master Facilitator Virtues Project International. In 2015-16 Sandra conducted the U3A course on Religions of the World and The Virtues Project. This newly created course approaches the topic from the heart’s perspective of attraction to the sacred, and the longing of the heart to journey and to attain its object at a special place somewhere in the world.