U3A Port Sorell


From an idea in late 2013, to a public meeting in March 2014 to determine the level of interest and with a lot of work in between U3A Port Sorell began its first courses in May 2014

The greater Port Sorell area, including Shearwater, Hawley Beach and surrounding area has a population of just over 5,000 according to the latest Census data. Importantly that data reveals that 45% of that population is aged over 50.

The appeal of the U3A concept in this area is reflected in a membership around 200 participating in more than 20 programs involving almost 100 individual classes in our very first term of operation.

U3A Port Sorell Inc is an incorporated, not for profit association bringing educational, creative and liesure programs for the retired or semi-retired over 55.

As a brand new,voluntary,self-help learning organisation, we are learning just as much as members participating in courses. We invite you to join us and share the journey in whatever capacity you chose, be it as a participant, tutor or class leader or as a volunteerto help with all the things that have to done to see our flegling organisation grow and serve the “Third Agers” in our community.

U3A Port Sorell exists to facilitate knowledge sharing and lifetime learning for those in the so called “Third Age”, the first age being childhood and the second age being the working and family rearing portion of our lives. Some of our guiding principles include:

  • Making classes and activities accessible and affordable to anyone in the Third Age.

This is achieved through lots of volunteer effort and support. All our tutors volunteer their time to prepare and run courses. Local businesses and institutions make their premises available at no cost and all our committee and administration work is voluntary. We are able to limit member costs to a modest annual membership fee with no class costs for many of our programmes

  • Providing a wide range of courses to appeal to a broad range of interests and backgrounds.
  • Harvesting the enormous bank of knowledge, skills and experiences in our senior community.

By the time we reach the “third Age” all of us have a acquired a lifetime of knowledge, skills and experience. It doesn’t matter whether this is academic, artistic, technical, scientific or practical the knowledge doesn’t retire when we do. U3A creates the opportunity for sharing whatever it is with other interested people

  • Encouraging and supporting member participation and engagement.

Whether its a lifelong interest or one recently acquired, active participation which stimulates mind and/or body and engages one with others is well recognised as contributing to healthy, positive ageing. U3A aims to provide the opportunity to do this in a positive, supportive and respectfull environment but without the pressure of entry requirements, exams, written work or degrees and diplomas

  • Effectively utilising volunteer resources to sustain, grow and improve our U3A

Voluntary effort underpins everything we do and voluntary contributions are highly valued. We seek to provide opportunities for members to utilise their considerable life and professional experience to “give something back”, to help build and improve our U3A as well as the facilities and programs offered